Sell D.D.P-Diamond Dotted Insulation Paper


D.D.P-Diamond Dotted Insulation Paper
Key words: D.D.P; insulation paper; electrical materials.
It is made of electrical insulating paper with diamond-shape epoxy resin dotted in both sides. The epoxy resin used in D.D.P. contains a kind of incubative hardener material, it is a dry and crisp material at normal temperature (below 35 degree).
Characters and Applications:
This product has good dielectric properties and mechanical properties after being heat-solidification. It can be used as insulation material for coils and between layers of oil immerged power and power and distributive transformers.
Thickness: 0.08mm; 0.13mm; 0.17mm; 0.20mm; 0.25mm; 0.30mm;
Thickness tolerance: 6.5%
Aqueous extract: 6.8-8.5
Tensile strength: MD: 7.5KN/m; CD: 3.7 KN/m;
Bond strength: 450Kpa
Ash content: 1.0%
Moisture content :8±1%
Cure temp. And time: high temp.120±5degree ≥6h
Storage condition: storage temp.≤35degree

Product Origin: China
Model Number: DDP
Brand Name: Eric

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